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  • James Franco accuser tells 'Good Morning America' she just wants him to apologize January 23, 2018
    Two of the five women accusing actor James Franco of sexual misconduct spoke to Good Morning America Tuesday about their experiences with him. Sarah Tither-Kaplan recalled specifics of Franco allegedly abusing his position of power as an instructor and blurring lines with sex scenes. “A lot of the times they seemed gratuitous or exploitative,” she said. Addi […]
    Proma Khosla
  • Susan Collins' ridiculous talking stick is an insult to the summer camp community January 23, 2018
    Susan Collins, who is currently a senator — not a summer camp counselor — had a new idea for reforming our broken government on Monday. To help ease communication during the government shutdown, Collins introduced a talking stick to bipartisan negotiations. One of the Senators in the negotiations allegedly threw the stick at Susan Collins' glass elephan […]
    Heather Dockray
  • A $30 million, Google-funded race to the moon has ended without a winner January 23, 2018
    After 10 years and numerous delays and extensions, the Google Lunar XPrize is will end without a winner.  No one will claim the $20 million grand prize that was expected to go to the first participating private company to land a spacecraft on the moon and perform a series of tasks.  "After close consultation with our five finalist Google Lunar XPRIZE te […]
    Miriam Kramer
  • KFC wings now come in a DIY drone box because 2018 January 23, 2018
    The time has come for boring boxes that hold scrumptious chicken wings to transform into drones. In the latest marketing ploy to appear hip and tech savvy, India's Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) announced it's introducing Limited Edition DIY drone boxes to hold their wings. No big deal. Just a normal 2018 thing. SEE ALSO: Learn how to use that new dr […]
    Nicole Gallucci
  • 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' just gave us a perfect song about wanting to have sex with an ex January 23, 2018
    Need a song to send your ex that conveys you're seriously super angry at them but also you, you know, wouldn't mind fooling around a bit? Per usual, The CW's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has you covered.  When we last checked in on Rebecca (Rachel Bloom) and Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) on the show, Rebecca had made an actually responsible decision […]
    Erin Strecker
  • So, Pornhub's launching its own line of interactive sex toys. Naturally. January 23, 2018
    First came the interactive videos. Then came the line of sex toys. Now, Pornhub will bring the two together with a new line of toys that sync with its interactive adult content videos. Launched Tuesday, the site will offer three options — one for women, two for men — that use haptic feedback to, uh, reflect onscreen happenings.  SEE ALSO: How to whip your da […]
    Laura Vitto
  • What to do when someone you love has terrible internet taste January 23, 2018
    People who live on the internet love nothing more than confessing our love for those who spend their lives largely offline.  We see them as higher beings — practical demi-gods who are blessed to have never even heard of Eric Garland, people who've successfully transitioned beyond the 2016 Democratic primary, saints who would never, ever watch Tide pod p […]
    Heather Dockray

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