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Web 2.0 Resources

Two thumbs up to Web 2.0 Guru that has put together this complete list of resources.

Anything you may need, everything!


Create some fun activities to review and create projects for specific concepts and content. Use these sites to engage your students for creating fun and engaging animations.

Create an account for these tools. No email… No problem. Use for a free inbox to register.

Assessment and Evaluation

Online assessment is optimal for a more paperless classroom environment. Students enjoy the chance for interactive online assessments. There are sites that allow you to make review flashcards and asses student learning. Sites where you can make and download rubrics are also available. These can then be linked or embedded.


Some of my favorite tools for blogs in the classroom. Create a classroom blog so that students can share and discuss topics inside and outside of class. Believe it or not, kids will actually visit back often to see who is reading and responding. Reluctant classroom participants usually love this outlet to share ideas and new concepts. I actually heard one of my teachers say that her non-writers posted more than anyone on her reading blog. Sample Blogs – Academic Examples

  • WordPress– Easy to set up and monitor the comments on your blog. One of the best out there.
  • 21Classes – free and education safe
  • CoveritLive– Live Blogging embed in a web page
  • Blogger– Blogger, another easy way to create your classroom blog. Allows for moderation as well.
  • ePals– Free school or classroom blogs. A great way to start an entire school with blogs that they can monitor in one location.
  • Blogcheese– this is one of my favorites since it allows you to add video clips and text. It’s a must see and try!! Kids love it.
  • Global Teacher / Student– create a safe blog environment for your class and students
  • And if these aren’t good enough for you, try this list of 40 Blog Hosts.

Charts and Spreadsheets

Creating charts in many classes can be a chore and if you don’t have Excel or know how to design a simple chart these tools can help you!
See what you think.

  • Editgrid – free online spreadsheet creator
  • Google Docs share and collaborate
  • irows – create and upload excel sheets online, share and collaborate
  • Swivel – Data sets, graphs, charts, etc. All can be embedded and manipulated.
  • Zoho – share and collaborate
  • ChartGizmo– create charts to share and embed on your sites
  • Tableizer– create free html charts or spreadsheets
  • LovelyCharts – great online diagramming
  • Chartle – create interactive charts and tables
  • Many Eyes – upload data sets and create amazing looking data represenations


Collaboration experiences assist with opening up the lines of communication for students, teachers, parents and communities. Students love to share with each other and others from outside of the class. They thrive on sharing their expertise and knowledge to people who are interested. Try using these tools when students are expected to work in groups and communicate to complete group projects. They will thank you for the experience. The great thing is that kids will have the 24/7 access to their work. They will not need to be sitting at a specific computer or network since all of these sites offer storage and interactivity.

  • Google Docs share and collaborate
  • Writeboard– create collaborative docs in your browser
  • Zoho share and collaborate
  • Scriblink – create instant collaborative workspace areas save, print and more
  • Dabbleboard – instant collaboration online – create great graphic organizers and flow charts
  • Etherpad – online text editing no registration
  • Skrbl – instant notes and collaboration
  • Doing Text– online collaborative work spaces
  • Nota create interactive note pages that allow you to post docs, video, audio, maps and comments. edit together.
  • Notesake take notes together share and collaborate
  • Browzmi – browse the internet together. Great for collaboration and research!!! What a great tool!!
  • Weblin – download and install this simple app to create an avatar and search the web with others
  • Yoowalk – browse the internet with others, fun and interactive.
  • Kaltura – collaborate with this video tool. Create a video together.
  • A.nnotate– publish files and annotate them online.
  • Lefora– create a public or private discussion forum network
  • Twiddla– instant canvas for sharing, creating, chatting and more. Get started instantly!
  • Show Document – instantly collaborate on any document. Original doc is not altered just annotated.
  • Collanos – keep all of your files in one desktop area


Allowing students to communicate and or chat during class or outside of class will open up the lines of communication between you and your students. Many of these resources allow for monitored chat rooms, quick webcam communications, and more. The nice thing is that you can create and open a room during class and then close it outside of class if you are worried about posts outside of class.

  • Skype– download and install for quick video conf. purchase a webcam for about $35. Kids love showing off when doing reports, labs plays, demonstrations.
  • dimdim – online synchronized meetings
  • Vawkr – this is the easiest and quckest video chat room on the web. Go to the site, grab a room and share the link with people. All webcams are recognized and everyone can talk, hear and type whenever they want. Very interactive. Create a private room as well.
  • Palbe embeddable virtual conf. room free 3 people
  • Geesee – embeddable chat gadget
  • Yaplet embedable chat gadget
  • ooVoo – download and video chat with anyone around the world.
  • MeBeam– instant chat rooms
  • Meeboo– create free chat rooms
  • VoxOx – free download for all of you online collaborations and communications
  • ChatMaker – Free instant Chat rooms
  • Backnoise – back channel chats that you can embed
  • Tinychat – create a free room, embed into a website, save chats
  • Babelwithme – create collaborative chats that translate while you type

Conversion Tools

Convert Text to Audio

  • iSpeech – convert your blog, docs, rtf, rss and more to audio. Sound quality is pretty good.
  • Online Conversion – convert anything

Convert Video and Audio Files

Convert Word to PDF and Vise Versa

Award and Certificate Makers

Desktop Publishing

  • Open Office – alternative to Microsoft
  • Thinkfree – Office bundle
  • Letterpop– create free incredible looking newsletters here!
  • Kerpoof – create pictures, stories, and movies here. Fun and interactive.
  • Toondoo – create great looking comics here. Even use your own photo.
  • Bitstrips – create fun comic strips for writing
  • Make Beliefs Comix– great comic tool for kids to write graphic novels or stories
  • Mutapic– design artwork in a free online graphics genertor. Great for Art students or designing logos.
  • Ebooks – create great looking ebooks with mixbook ,myebook , tikatok. Book BuilderRead Write Web Flipbook Create Free eBooks – anyone can write and publish for free!!
  • CK-12 Textbooks – create your very own textbook!!
  • Lulu – publish and sell your writings
  • Book Builder – Create Free eBooks – anyone can write and publish for free!!
  • Project Poster kids can create simple web sites in a snap. Great for quick and easy projects.
  • Scribbls– Draw and collaborate
  • Postalz – create engaging digital postcards
  • Issuu– create your own online magazine issue.
  • It’s Our Tree – create a free online family tree.
  • Scribus– create great looking desktop documents for free!! Download and install for free.
  • Openzine – create online collaborative interactive magazines
  • Awesome Clipart for Educators
  • Museum Box – Create a 3D interactive learning cube or collection of video, audio, images, text and links AWESOME!
  • PocketMod – Create a free foldable with so many options. Create note cards and reminders…. Excellent tool!!
  • Kids on the Net -creative writing and interactive activities
  • Calameo– create, publish and share your work
  • Atlantis Word Processor – free word processor download… great application
  • Ajax13 – create docs and flow charts instantly in the browser based ajax app
  • Plasq aps – download and create fun comics


Digital Storytelling

  • Animoto – create free 30 second videos with your photos tell a story with pictures text and audio
  • Nota – wow talk about an AWESOME Educational tool, you have to see this site, create a web page by adding just about anything!! Embeddable
  • Ourstory – a time line based photo story option .
  • OneTrueMedia and Tel.A.Vision – create great looking videos with this simple online tool, A+++++ Add images, video, audio and more
  • PhotoPeach – easy photo sharing and captions. Allow for comments, keep private or public. Embeddable
  • Photoshow – simple easy to add photos, captions and templates
  • Slide – create fun and embeddable stories with this fun free tool
  • Voicethread – upload images and presentations to share and get feedback in the form of test or audio
  • Vuvox – great for creating eye catching photo stories

Disposable Email Accounts

Ebooks or Audio Books

Great resources for listening to royalty free and public domain publications. Excellent resources!

Games for Education

Try some of these sites for reinforcing the specific skills and content.

  • ClassTools – Create interactive flash games for class review.
  • Game-O-Matic – create fun review games for new concepts
  • ELearning– games for the younger students
  • Smarty Card – a great fun way to learn and earn real rewards. Join for free parents and kids
  • The Last Brain Game– Great brain games in single or multiplayer game studios. FUN!!
  • IMMEX create a free online science environment with interactive scientific experiments and problem solving modules
  • Math Playground fun interactive games
  • Hot Math fun interactive games
  • Club Penguin and Webkinz – introduce your students to virtual worlds with these kid friendly environments. Allows for digital skill literacy and students can beging managing $, time, and pet responsibility. Writing prompts can be used with these worlds.
  • Java Math– interactive java base math simulations and examples
  • Tutpup– play simple math and spelling games for reinforement, challenge other global players and beat the clock
  • Games That Change the World – online games that help the world!
  • Simulations for Learning – a great list of online simulations for student learning.
  • Bitesize Games by BBC – Interactive learning and fun Science, Math Etc.
  • Power Point Game Templates– an incredible site for playing interactive PPT Games
  • Mr Nussbaums -Games for Math, Language Arts, Spelling, Science and more
  • Chiltopia– online learning games for young kids.
  • Secret Builders – awesome virtual game for learning and building!!
  • PlayCrafter – create your own games
  • Stop Watch – time yourself
  • Sploder – create and your own virtual games for others to play

Virtual Games in Education

Nobel Prize Games A++++

  • Americas Army – virutual Army experiences
  • Anagramarama find as many words as possible in the time available. Get the longest word and you’ll advance to the next level.
  • Ayiti – Unicef, voices of youth explore, learn the cost of life
  • Binary Game – play a Cisco binary game
  • ChemCollective
  • Climate Challenge
  • Conflict Map
  • Discover Babylon
  • Energyville
  • Electrocity
  • Fat World
  • Food Force
  • Food Detectives
  • FreeCol
  • FreeCiv – create a virtual civilization
  • Future Park
  • Global Warming Interactive
  • Immune Attack
  • Immune System Defender
  • I Know That
  • Peace Doves
  • Prisoners of War
  • Pod Game
  • Power Up The Game
  • Quest Atlantis
  • Re-Mission
  • River City
  • Road to Revolution
  • Stop Disasters
  • Third World Famer
  • Tropical America
  • Virtual U – designed to foster better understanding of management practices in American colleges and universities.
  • Virtual Surgery
  • Wasteland Adventure
  • World Without Oil

Global Connections in the Classroom

Create connections with other classrooms from around the world. By joining these networks, you can search for global partners to connect and share lessons and experiences with. Create valuable international learning experiences for your students.


Learn how to type online with these free online interactives.

Mobile Tools

  • Dial2do– create a free account and post directly to your blog and twitter right from your cell phone.
  • Abbyme– create a free account and send voice messages to phone #’s and groups of people.
  • Sendible– send text messages from the internet to cell phones
  • Cellphedia– an online encyclopedia that’s created by cell phone uses
  • Moblr and Qik– stream live media from your cell phone to the internet
  • Poll Everywhere – vote on issues and take polls with cell phones as well as Polldaddy and MobcastGabcast
  • GcastGabcast – call and record audio for podcasts
  • Quipit– take a snapshot of your notes and create a pdf to print out.
  • Pollanywhere– create polls for kids to vote via cell phone.


Video, Audio, and Image editing at your fingertips.
Audio Production and Editing

Downloadable Video/Audio Resources

Free Audio Clips

Video Production and Editing / Screen Recorders

  • Jing – create video training as you record your desktop!
  • Screen Toaster – instant screen recording tool
  • GoView – excellent and easy ap for screenrecorders
  • Eyespot / Jumpcut / Cuts – Online video editors
  • Viddler– upload, edit and share your videos.
  • Jumpcut – create your own videos
  • Kaltura – create and collaborate on your videos
  • One True Media – share your photos in a video montage
  • Voicethread – upload ppt. images and video and respond with comments
  • – broadcast live and record to your own free online channel
  • Fliggo – create your own video site
  • Seesmic – create online videos and share
  • Mogulus – create a free online video channel and share
  • Youcastr – create a free online sports channel – great for kids to write and share about their favorite sports!!
  • Splashcast– create an online multimedia channel
  • My Studio – Free educational videos for download or streaming
  • 5minutes – create a 5 minute demo or instruction
  • VistaZoo– create free virtual tours on your own map portal!
  • Screencast-O-Matic – record your desktop screen to create a demonstration
  • Freescreencast– capture your desktop and share online
  • Qik– video streaming from your cell phone
  • Molv– video streaming from your cell phone
  • Nimbb – create 30 second videos with your webcam download and embed
  • WingClips– movie clips and trailers for inspiration and discussions
  • Animation Resources for creating movies and more!
  • Video Search Resources
  • DoInk create free fun animations
  • Xtranormal – create animated movies with this fun tool.

Image Editors

  • Blender– free open source 3D content creation suite.
  • Aviary – online image and vector graphics editting suite A+++
  • Picjuice– easily edit images
  • Pixer – quickly fix and enhance images online
  • Sumopaint– easily edit and create original images no installation or download
  • Splashup – edit your photos, create new images – just like adobe photoshop!
  • Picnik – edit your photos
  • Offtype – create online hand drawn pictures, save and share. Embed the widget to use on your site.
  • Pixn8– online photo editor
  • Pixlr– edit pictures easily
  • Flash Face – create sketch like images with this java based site
  • PiZap free no registration – upload and create new images with callouts, graphics, text and more really fun!!
  • Vector Magic – Convert Bitmap images to Vector Graphics
  • Lightbox Image Editor– free download for great image editing
  • Tag Galaxy – millions of photos categorized by tag, an interactive 3D world of photos.
  • Spell With Flickr – spell words to flickr images
  • Odosketch – create fun looking sketches and share them

Networking and Online Communities

I will put some sites here that may overlap into other areas, but for the most part they are networking sites. Students can use these to communicate and network with peers and their teachers. Even professionals from around the world.

  • Ning social network for your classroom. Excellent
  • Bloust – an exciting new networking tool for teaches who want an online classroom environment
  • RCampus – an online learning management system for teachers and students
  • Dweeber – totally cool site for students to join to connect, learn and become gurus A++++
  • Twitter (use Tweet Cube to upload files to twitter)
  • Neeetz – another social network that allows so much more!
  • Twitter for Librarians – great ideas for librarians who are interested in networking, collaborating and sharing.
  • Imbee– free social network for kids
  • Koinup – network with others and upload your work. allow others to comment.
  • Mixxt– create a private classroom network. Great for online classroom environments.
  • Grou.PS – create free private social learning networks
  • iCue – NBC’s online networking site where kids can learn, share, watch videos and collaborate and discuss content and topics
  • PBS Teachers – a great opportunity to connect with educators from all over the world
  • Twibes – join or create your own twitter twibes or groups. Follow everyone who joins.
  • Edmodo – create class microblogging networks for your students.

Note Taking, Flow Chart Tools

Have your students take notes, create concept maps, and time lines online. Simple tools to use with computers in the room. A great way to engage your learners and share the information together.

  • Writeboard create a board to write and collaborate. So simple and no strings. Check with RSS feeds.
  • Webnote – create an instant web page for class notes. An RSS feed is provided for keeping track of updates. Share the url to allow others to add information and notes.
  • Dabbleboard – instant collaboration in real time!! No registration required, simply share the link.
  • Scriblink – an instant interactive whiteboard, invite and use.
  • Skrbl_ – a web whiteboard instant collaboration
  • Notesake_ – create individual and group notes to share, revise independently of your own notes.
  • Notecentric – take notes for any class
  • Notemesh – create group class notes
  • Penzu – free instant note taking resource.
  • Zoho Notebook – great for creating notes and embedding video and audio
  • Helipad_ – share notes with a url link access from phone and even your psp
  • MindMeister / Gliffy Drawanywhere, Mind42 , Exploretree- Thinkature Mindomo Creately Create and collaborate in real time or asynchronously on mind maps and graphic organizers.
  • Graphsy – create animated graphs and concept maps
  • DropMind – great mind mapping tool with sharing and chatting
  • Scriblink – wow, collaborate and share, work with anyone, anytime for free!!
  • Viygo , xtimeline , dipity timetoast Timeglider – create free online time line generators.
  • A.nnotate– publish files and annotate them online.
  • Wizlite – annotate the web together, highlight and share
  • Jotcloud– take notes on sticky online notes
  • Yourdraft– create an instant document without any account registration.
  • ShortText– instant notes and url for notes
  • Dia Gnome – create diagrams just like Visio
  • ArgoUML– create great looking flow charts with the this stable Java application
  • Open Office Draw – create great looking diagrams and flow charts
  • Websketch – instant web sketch pad. draw, save and print drawings.
  • – great tools for collaborative flow charts and concept maps
  • Dia – just like Visio, complete diagrams for projects
  • Webspiration – beta online version of inspiration
  • Wisdomap – simple mind mapping tool
  • Visual Thesaurus – build visual thesaurus for vocabulary
  • WebNotes– annotate any website and share it via email or links
  • JHotDraw7 – Create an instant concept map
  • UberNote – create online notes and share them
  • aMap – argue your point – create an online argument…take a stand and get the juices and replies flowing
  • Shutterborg – create instant documents no sign up at all
  • Xmind – create and collaborate on projects and concept maps
  • VUE – Visual Understanding Environment – created by Tufts Univ. open source

Online Interactive Classroom

Online classroom environments allow you to extend your classes beyond its walls. These environments are free, interactive and available for free. They provide extended content, communications and collaboration opportunities for teachers and students. See if you can use any of these.

Personalized Web Browser Pages

Make your home page for your browser look and do what you want it to do. Customize your home page!! Put the content that you want at your fingertips…as soon as you open your browser!!


Podcasting can really assist students with more audio and verbal outlets for learning. Students can record learned content to a podcast site or store readings of text passages for a later time. Oral reports can also be recorded, stored and shared at later times outside of the class. Students who are often reluctant to participate in front of peers will create podcasts and audio recordings more readily than participating live in class discussions. Give these sites a try and see who participates. Allow students to share by writing or verbally relaying specific answers or reactions. They will really enjoy the experience.

  • Gabcast– create a free classroom channel where students can phone in to record audio. They will not need a computer to use this site.
  • Gcast– this site is similar to gabcast, but the computer is necessary to create audio recordings.
  • Evoca– create a classroom channel and record or upload media files. Embed into sites or play directly from the channel.
  • MyPodcast – create a free online podcast channel.
  • Podbean– create a free podcast channel
  • Odeo – create free online podcasts
  • Talkshoe – create a live podcast channel for free call in from a phone or use a mic on your computer
  • Clickcaster – create free blog like podcast channels
  • SpokenWord – Podcast Resources – listen and learn to some of the best podcasts on the net


Create classroom polls and surveys for students to respond. Assess student learning and concept attainment.

  • SurveyMonkey – create online forms, surveys, assessments, free up to 10 surveys and 100 respondents
  • Zoomerang – create online forms, surveys for students
  • Google Sheets/Forms – create forms and build a spreadsheet database.
  • PollDaddy – free online polls for your class
  • Free Website Polls – create free polls for your website or blog
  • 99Polls – free online embeddable polls
  • Wufoo – create free surveys and forms
  • Questionform – create free online forms


When creating presentations it is not necessary to purchase Microsoft Power Point. Create great looking presentations and gain 24/7 access to edit and share them. No need to use a thumb drive to bring your presentation to and from school. Give these sites a try. These are great tools for creating, sharing and collaborating on presentations.

Professional Networks

These networks are ones worth joining to learn, share and build collegial relationships. Connect your classrooms and students for global connections and real world learning.


Check some of the online resources to assist with factual information. Also find out if urban legends are really truth or legend.

RSS Aggregators

Collect your favorite Headline RSS feeds and store and share them online.

Search Engines

  • WolframAlpha – a computational information engine
  • Ujiko – an organizational visual search engine
  • Kigose– educational search engine, build citations as your search
  • KidZui – turns Firefox into fun, kid-safe browser with over a million kids games, YouTube videos, and websites.A++++
  • Quintura and Quintura for Kids a visual web search engine
  • KartOO – a more visual search engine
  • KidsClick– a librarians web search for kids
  • netTrekker– educational search engine
  • Pixolu – search for images with ease
  • iseek– safe surfing for kids
  • Browsmi– surf the net together
  • Kido’z – a free kidsafe browser!!
  • Twoogle – search it all here… twitter, google, wolfram, flickr
  • Weblin – create an avatar and walk and talk the internet together. For the older kids

Social Bookmarking

Save and share your favorite web sites.

Storage – online storage and for files

  • adrive– 50 gigs free
  • flickr- store and share photos
  • ScanR – take photos of white boards and more and send them to your email.
  • – gig of online storage
  • Hordit – add and share files… find similar files
  • Mozy: Up to 2GB free storage. Requires a free download of the Mozy software; this helps you figure out which files to back up.
  • Omemo: Still in beta at the time of this writing. Works as a peer to peer network to create an immense virtual hard drive.
  • Box: Up to 1 GB free storage; pricing plans available.
  • DropBoks: Incredibly easy and simple to use – can upload up to 1 GB of your files here.
  • MediaFire: Probably one of the best free online storage sites out there. Not only can you upload files here, but they give you lots of extra options (MySpace help, folders, galleries, etc.).
  • Requires free registration; lots of online storage plus neat features such as public file sharing.
  • divShare: Upload all kinds of files here, including multimedia. Includes integration with Facebook and WordPress.
  • Omnidrive: Up to 1 GB free online storage; integrates with Zoho and Snipshot.
  • Yuntaa: Free up to 1 GB; also offers blogging.
  • YouSendIt: Need to send a really big file? Use YouSendIt to send files up to 2 GB.
  • MediaMax: Up to 25 GBs completely free; this includes video hosting as well.
  • Senduit: Need to share a large file with someone? Try Senduit – just upload your file, share a secure URL, and you’re all set.
  • FileHo: Upload, host, and share files for free – with unlimited storage available.
  • Megashares: Up to 10GB available for upload storage; you get a URL where your files can either be privately or publicly accessed.
  • Badongo: Free file hosting that allows you unlimited files, photos, etc. to share.
  • Up-File: Unlimited file size; you can upload pretty much anything here to share with others.
  • – drop and share any file privately online
  • File Shaker – 10 gigs of free file storage

Studying and Help

  • Study Beat – get help with just about any topic under the sun… video tutorials for any topic

Text <>Speech

The “Tubes”

I call them the Tubes, you know “YOU” and “TEACHER”. They are the rage in society and schools so why not utilize them for learning? Truetube is something a little different. A site where people share contriversial news events and where older students can discuss the nature of the video. Great for debates in class.

  • Youtube– upload and share videos made for class.
  • Teachertube– upload, share and watch education based videos only. Students could build demonstrations and more.
  • Truetube– watch and discuss real world contriversial news. Discuss and share thoughts!! Teen content not suitable for young ones.
  • Schooltube– upload and watch school related video and tutorials.
  • Studio 4 Learning – Learn and share about almost anything Amazing site!!!!
  • Grab-Tube – grab any youtube video and convert it.

Virtual Field Trips

  • Google Earth – allow students to explore the world and create interactive GE field trips and vacations. This is one of the best strategies and works well. I personally used this in the classroom and students didn’t want to miss class.
  • Gigapan – create or explore panorama images from around the world. Similar to a virtual field trip.
  • Virtual Field Trips – View and create virtual field trips
  • NPS – National Park Service virtual tours
  • Opentopia– live webcams from all over the world
  • Wrapr– create and visit some amazing places, virtually!! Use your flickr photos to create your own virtual tours.
  • Mapwing-r create and share your own virtual tours
  • CommunityWalk – create maps, save and share specific locations A+++

Virtual Worlds in Education

I do not always reccommend the use of virtual worlds with students under 18. There are many of these sites that are not safe for kids. Just be careful introducing these to young students.

Vodcasting – Video Broadcasting

Also a nifty name for video podcasting. A great way to get students to share and present live. Create private classroom channels where students can broadcast content via a webcam and mic. Only share it with people you want. A great way to motivate kids to write, collaborate and communicate effectively.

  • SplashCast – Create your own media channels and shows by incorporating video,images, podcasts, blogs, and other web resources.
  •– create a live public or private video broadcast channel. They can be recorded, embedded, for later viewing.
  • Mogulus– very similar to ustream … create a free online video channel protect it with a password
  • Youcastr– create a live sports channel. Allow you students to cover, write about and broadcast their favorite sports online.
  • WizIQ– train and share in an open envrionment.
  • Bubbleguru– add a video bubble to your website to let viewers know about changes.
  • Thinkature– free online interactive workspaces for teaching and sharing
  • MindBites– create online training tutorials and make a profit. Share and earn.
  • qik– online live streaming with mapping

Web Design

So you want students to create a website and you don’t have Dreamweaver, Front Page or iWeb. No worries. These tools are so simple to use and easy for students to understand. They can build excellent looking web sites without knowing a thing about stand alone applications and code. A great way to start them on a web presence.

  • Google Sites– Easy and great for site collaboration and building.
  • Webnode– great design, easy to use and deveolop nice looking web sites.
  • Nota– free website builder, only a single page
  • Easysite– free and easy website creator
  • Edicy– fun and free website builder
  • Comfypage– free easy and great looking websites
  • Weebly– very easy, nice templates and format.
  • Freewebs– totally free, simple to use.
  • Glogster – very nice for a graffiti looking page.
  • Doodlekit– one of the easiest to use.
  • Roxer– simple tool for nice looking web sites.
  • Bravenet– very nice free tool, can add game widgets for fun.
  • Wix– drag and drop great simple tool for interactive free sites.
  • Project Poster kids can create simple web sites in a snap. Great for quick and easy projects.
  • Gogofrog– 3D website creation tool. Very interactive
  • TweeGee Zone – free online resources for web page develpment and more
  • Jimdo– create free online websites no cost!
  • Synthasite– create a free great looking website in seconds
  • Wirenode– Build a mobile website in 5 minutes
  • Bloust – create a free online teacher web site


Create online virtual classrooms for before, during and after classroom hours. Kids will love this opportunity for the time!

  • Vyew– use for online webinar share files and your desktop.
  • WizIQ – live meeting, schedule dates and times, can only share files no desktop sharing included.
  • Zoho Meeting – create live online learning environments
  • Liveperson – online training
  • DimDim – online video conf. and communication
  • Yugma – free video conferencing
  • Thinkature– free online interactive workspaces for teaching and sharing
  • Scribblar – instant free online webinar tools
  • Yuuguu– online meetings and collaboration


Create engaging project or inquiry based activities with webquests. Constructivism in practice!


Build and collaborate with these wiki tools. Allow students to create and share content. A great resource for building online information together. Create it together!

  • Wikispaces – the best wiki tools aound!!
  • Wetpaint– free wiki tool great for educators provieds the navigtion and page set up.
  • Pbwiki– free wiki for anyone
  • Bluwiki– another great wiki resource
  • Wikimatrix – compare all the wikis

How to use wikis…

Word Processing

Create share and collaborate at these sites. Build documents on the go. 24/7 access.

Free Open Source Software

Click here to visit Web 2.0 Guru


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Your 8-Point Traffic Generation Cheatsheet For Unstoppable Traffic!

Your 8-Point Traffic Generation Cheatsheet For Unstoppable Traffic!

The importance of getting traffic and list building is talked about all the time. But just HOW do you get massive traffic and build a list of responsive subscribers on a daily basis?

I’ve created a 8-point cheat sheet that you can use to grow a list of 1000s of subscribers, mostly on autopilot. These are the exact strategies I use on a daily basis.

Here are the 8 killer traffic getting tactics:

1. High Leverage Article Marketing

With article marketing, I’m not just talking about the usual step of submitting articles to article directories. That still works very well. What I’m referring to is submitting your articles to popular authority sites in your market. For example, if you’re in the Internet marketing niche, popular sites like Entrepreneur, About, Associate Programs and even popular blogs like Site Fling are possible places to submit articles.

Submitting your articles at these places means you’ll have less competition and receive more traffic without having to compete with thousands of other articles.

2. List Builders

List builders typically work like this: you sign up for the exchange, and you’re allowed to promote to thousands of other members with an email promotion, but in exchange, you agree to receive emails from other members as well. Examples of such networks include List Joe, The List Auction, Viral URL and the new Viral Ads Unleashed system. I have personally used List Joe and The List Auction to add hundreds of new subscribers to my account every month just by sending out an email every 3 days. It is definitely worth a go. Here are some of the top list builders online:

3. Forum Marketing

We’ve got the old workhorse of forum marketing here. The problem with many people when it comes to forums is they don’t have a system. You’ll want to create a list of authority forums in your market, and then submit to them religiously almost every day. If you have a list of 5 forums, and you submit 5 posts to each of them every day, you’ll get a steady flow of new sign-ups each day. And this is just ONE of your traffic streams that you’ll be using to build your list.

4. Blog Marketing

A blog is labor intensive but at the same time it can drive a flood of targeted visitors to your primary business. The great thing about a blog is that there are many ways you can leverage it for traffic – you can use it to tag and ping, it is easy to social bookmark, RSS is easily integrated and it is great for search engine optimization. Through my blog (which I have not been paying as much attention as I should), I have added hundreds of new subscribers.

5. Video Marketing

Video marketing is a highly scalable strategy for getting traffic. The hard part is getting the video created. Once that is done, promotion can be easy using automated tools like Tube Mogul and Hey Spread. These tools (or websites) submit your videos automatically to more than a dozen of the most popular video sharing websites online. Imagine if you create a short 3 to 5 minute video every week and submit it to more than a dozen of video sharing sites weekly. That should be enough to give you fresh inflows of subscribers.

6. Craigslist

The popularity of has been growing immensely in the past year or so. In fact, in 2008, Craigslist’s popularity grew by 87%. This is probably because more people are going online to either search for bargains or to look for jobs or business opportunities. This means that Craigslist has never been a more fertile ground for marketers to tap into. I have not been taking advantage of it as much as I would like, but it is certainly something to put on your to-do list.

7. Ad Brite

Ad Brite is a banner ad exchange website where publishers and advertisers work out ad deals. I have personally advertised my sites on dozens of sites in the network and have reaped hundreds of fresh leads. The competition is also far less than it is on AdWords.

Here is a tip: Direct response, all-text banner ads seem to get the highest click-through rates.

8. Get Subscribers

If you’re looking to buy leads, then look no further than Get Subscribers. I have spent hundreds of dollars with them and have gotten a lot back in return. My list grows by the dozen daily and these people are highly responsive. Because the system is backed by one of the top autoresponder companies online, you can be sure of the quality of the leads, because they are real. I highly recommend checking them out…

Remember to test and traffic the different sources of traffic so you can discover which are the most effective tactics for your business.


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